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Child Care

When Do Babies Start Sleeping Longer?

Babies follow a pretty erratic sleeping pattern where they do not sleep for a long period of time at a stretch, but take broken naps for about 15 to...
Kids & Fun

Top 10 Fun Math Games For Kids

During the basic learning period of maths, kids usually gets bored with the normal processes of learning the subject. Therefore, they rapidly get less interested in learning it and...
Child Care

Why Does My Baby Spit Up So Much?

Babies are known to have many peculiar habits which are bound to confuse new parents. In fact, some parents even start to think that there is something wrong with...

Why Do Parents Abuse Their Children?

Different parents follow different ideologies to discipline their children, however there are some parents who resort to brute force to bring their children to line. This kind of treatment...

How Long Does It Take To Conceive A Baby?

New parents always have questions about how to take care of their children. When to have a baby is the most common one. However, the problems start much before...
Kids & Fun

7 Fun Healthy Snacks For Kids

According to the University of Illinois, snacking is one of the important food habits of children. Every parent wants their children to be healthy and the meals to be...
Child Care

What Order Do Baby Teeth Come In?

New parents are full of apprehension and questions regarding how to best take care of their newborn baby. When do babies start teething, is one of them. Questions ranging...
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