Dogs can be a good company for kids. They are the source of love which is totally unconditional. They can also help us to learn responsibility and the way of cooperation. If you are planning to buy dogs, keep in mind your family lifestyle and the age of kids in your home. Dog breeds may vary according to the kids’ ages. Always choose breeds of dogs by its temperament, size, disposition and energy level. The nature of the dogs is also very different. Some are very protective of children, some have an infinite amount of patience, and some have the energy to play endlessly. They need a bit of training from you to learn the manner of behaving with the new little companion. Here are some suggestions for Best Dogs for Kids:

Some of the Best Dogs for Kids to Pick from

  1. The Bull Terrier: Though it is branded as an aggressive animal, the bull terrier is actually being bred to be a companion dog. They are very friendly, kids alike and love the grown-ups. The dog also has a high threshold for pain, which is actually used for the rambunctious children who are being trained how to treat dogs. It sometimes gets quite rambunctious and needs a plenty of playtime from your kids. Their nature of protecting children can make you feel safe for your children with them. Therefore, it comes under the category of Best Dogs for Kids.
  2. Bulldogs: The bulldog has a sturdy build which is perfect for the children who like to roughhouse. The English bulldog grows to an average height of 12-16” and weighs approximately 50-55 lbs. They are full of energy as puppies, which make them a correct companion for the kids. The bulldogs are very friendly, docile, courageous and loyal. The bulldog is well-loved by families because of their friendly nature towards children. However, their agreeable temperament makes them an excellent choice for Best Dogs for Kids.
  3. The Beagle: Beagle is the dog with floppy-ear and well-known in the form of Snoopy by the children. Though they are generally kept as hunting dogs, they can fit well in your house. The beagle does not drool and is an average shedder. They have also sturdy builds and they are never tired of playing games. They are love-able, happy, easy-going and companionable. They are good with other dogs and love to be surrounded by people. They are excellent in games and walking which will help your kids to be as active as them.
  4. Collie: The collie dog breed is a Scotland native. The average collie ranges from 22-26” and weighs 50-70lbs. They are intelligent and very friendly to the family. They are very loyal and easy to train. They can be the great watch dogs, they will bark and also protect if attacked. Their nature towards kids is gentle and loving. They have a stable nature which makes them ideal as a pet dog. It has a life span of approximately 12-15 years. They need a daily brushing for their heavy shedder.
  5. Poodle: The poodle is often considered as one of the smartest dog breeds. They are very impressive dogs. The average weight ranges of a male and female poodle are 55-60 lbs and 45-50 lbs respectively. They have floppy ears and long face. They are lovable for their intelligence and ease of training. The coat of them is crowning glory, but the glory will mat without regular grooming. They can easily become overweight. The range of their lifespan is 12 to 14 years. They are very energetic and do plenty of exercises both with body and mind. They should not be kept alone as they will develop bad habits like nuisance barking.
  6. Golden Retriever: The golden retriever is an amazing family dog which has a beautiful golden coat. They are highly intelligent and respond well in advanced training. They are perfect for seeing-eye dogs, search and rescue, hearing dogs and an extroverted family-companion. They have a playful attitude and pick up good behavior and commands quickly. Grooming should be done regularly to keep their golden fur coat in a shape. This is a well-known dog breed to be the companion of kids and also in their playtime. They are loyal to a fault and need regular exercise to be fit.
  7. Labradoodle: The labradoodle is the crossbreed dog, created by crossing Labrador Retriever and miniature toy Poodle. As they are crossbreeds, they don’t have particular characteristics. They are easy to train and eager-to-please nature. Most of the labradoodles don’t shed, but few of them shed very lightly and cause a little bit allergic reaction. They are family-friendly, affectionate, and perfect for the kids-training. They are able enough to participate in dog sports like flyball, agility, obedience and rally.
  8. Irish Setter: The Irish setter has a silky red coat with long ears. They hold a sweet expression. They are friendly, exquisite and mischievous. The dog needs a family which loves to make him do exercises. They weigh 60 to 70 pounds and are famous for their grace and speed. They are usually known for their ‘rollicking’ temperament. They are eager to please and independent. It easily gets along with the children and their families.

Whether it’s playing or petting, the four-legged pets bring usual and unconditional love and joyous atmosphere to their owners. With the pet in the house, the youngest member also learns the lesson of responsibility. He can even lend his tiny hands to help you for easy tasks like pouring food. Research says that the dog owners get sick less often. The kid with pets grows up learning cooperation because the kid will have someone always to talk, play when there will be on one around him. They can also boost your kids’ academic skills. The owner will also gradually realize that like men, dogs also need love, food, shelter, lessons about valuable empathy and compassion. The list of Best Dogs for Kids will help you to choose the right breed for your own family.