Smart and best organic baby food chart for young mothers

The American Medical Association suggests that mother’s milk is the only best food for the babies till six months exclusively. And after that, weaning foods can be introduced to babies. Weaning foods mean to define as the semi-solid foods given to the baby along with nursing (breastfeed or formula milk) till 10 months particularly, which can be extended up to 12 months, depends upon baby’s intake. Visit homemade baby food recipes to get more info regarding this.

Always the best organic baby food is termed as the food prepared at home. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that infants do have immature gastrointestinal tract with less power to digest foods, hence exclusive breastfeeding are must for first six months of the baby, then weaning foods are essential wherein growing baby does require extra nutrition supplement and then gradually parents can introduce all the other healthy foods but must of organic.

  1. When your baby is ready to intake semi-solid & solid foods
  2. When your baby holds his/her head unassisted
  3. When your baby doubled his/her birth weight
  4. When your little bun is turning out from the nursing source, once felt full
  5. Your little bun cheases your mouth & your plate and simulates to eating like
  6. When your little bud cries often showing you that he/she is not settled with only milk filled stomach

Alright, now you have decided to introduce new foods to your baby, then next coming question to the mind is “what to give first”. As per medical recommendation, the infant cereals can be tried which are commercially packed at first, along with feeding the baby his/her regular milk food (either breastfeed or any formula milk). However, foods such as apple, avocado, pears, sweet potato, and banana are considered to the best organic baby food as they are rich in nutritional supplements. You can steam or boil (whichever is possible & applicable), mash them softly and try giving them to your baby with a clean bowl and spoon.

Whenever you are introducing your baby new foods, you have waited for four days, at least, three days to check for any allergy that the baby is facing, like rashes, vomiting and diarrhea. If the baby shows any of the above signs, then you have to stop giving such foods till the baby becomes a year old. Initially, when you are introducing such foods, you have to give in semi-solid content, and around 2 – 3 servings per day when your baby is of 6 – 8 months old. If the baby is of 9 – 10 months, you should increase the servings as 3 – 4 times per day, and then for 10+ babies, the feeding & intake must be of demanding (however some babies will not show interest on foods, it is better that the mom should see the timing that when her baby had his/her food).

Soon after you start introducing weaning foods for your baby, you can try adding solid foods as like fruits, vegetables, cereals, egg and (around 2 years) fish as they are very best organic baby food.

 Best organic baby food – purees

Now is that time to give your baby new foods and flavors? Well, giving him/her new food is quite enjoyable. Make sure mother’s milk or formula milk should be the primary source of nutrition. As we discussed in the earlier paragraphs, fruits such as banana, apple, pears, avocado, and sweet potato are the great and first food options. Appending below are few tips that how you can make a puree or a mashed form that can give to your baby.

Apple: Peel off the skin and cut the apple into small pieces. Can it in a small container, and steam it by using other vessel filled with water & lid it. Switch on the oven, leaves for some 20 minutes approximately for one big apple. Once the steam gets settled down, just open and take out the apple pieces (you can see them in brown color now). Just use a clean masher, make them into a soft paste. Now you can feed your baby. And once your baby turns out into 9 months, you no need to steam, instead, you can mash it just by peeling off the skin and then you can feed your little one.

Banana: As same like apple steaming, steam the banana and feed in your little bud. After 9 months, you can try introducing banana (without steaming it). But remember that, while introducing banana, go by the amount of ¼ at first and then half banana.

Avocado and Pears: As same as like steaming the apple!

Organic baby food chart

For babies of 4 to 6 months:

Fruits: Apple, Banana, Avocado, Pear, Plum, peach and nectarine

Cereals & grains: White rice and brown rice

Vegetables: Carrots, sweet potato, white potato, pumpkin, parsnip, butternut squash

For babies of 6 to 9 months:

Fruits: Same as 4 to 6 months + papaya, apricot, raisins, grapes, melon kinds, kiwi fruit, cherries, strawberries

Cereals & grains: Same as 4 to 6 months + barley, oats, wheat, rye, quinoa

Vegetables: Same as 4 to 6 months + peas, green beans, bell pepper, zucchini, beetroot, lentils, dried beans, onions, asparagus, turnips, cauliflower, eggplant, broccoli

Dairy: Yogurt, cheese

Eggs: Fully cooked or boiled egg yolk

Other: Herbs, garlic, flax seeds, sesame seeds, mushrooms and aromatic spices

For babies of 10 to 12 months:

Fruits: Same as 6 to 9 months + mango, pineapple

Cereals and grains: Same as 6 – 9 months + All types of grams: wheat gram, Bengal gram, black gram, green peas, et al – those are soaked and fully boiled

Vegetables: Same as 6 – 9 months + tomatoes, spinach

Eggs: Same as 6 – 9 months

Fish: Whitefish kinds (cod, haddock), salmon, light tuna, mackerel

Meat: Lamb (tendered cook), chicken (country types)

Others: Same as 6 – 9 months + peanuts, peanut butter, honey

Dealing with illness

Generally, moms won’t be panic when giving best organic baby food. In some unavoidable cases, when you find your baby with constipation, diarrhea, and allergies, you can try your first aid medicines for three days. If you find the illness more than three days, it is advisable to seek your baby’s pediatrician. Happy weaning!