Looking for an appropriate website for your kids is actually not an easy task! While connecting your kids to the internet world, you feel worried about the side effects of being online. Fun websites for kids must be an attractive, kid-friendly and educative supporter. Kids are always anxious about the current events, new-released games, funny videos, sports related issues and more. Providing them all the information must be a difficult job, but using the fun websites for kids, you will feel safe to make your kids enter the world of internet. With these digitalized websites, your kid will learn a lot more different topics than other kids. The kids can learn a variety of techniques, games, fun tools, educational facts and health advice which will give them a perfect life with low levels of difficulties. Try these websites to let your kids learn by themselves the quality aspects of global topics.

Some of the Top Fun Websites for Kids

  • News-O-Matic: Indeed it is one of the very popular fun websites for kids. It is an interesting, interactive, paid-subscription-based newspaper for kids between 7 to 10 years of age. 5 current event news is posted every day on the main page of the website and the news includes world politics news to celebrity news. Stories are written by experts and reviewed by a child psychologist. There are 15 features on this website including word game, puzzle, and audio. The ‘Read-to-Me’ feature also works as a helping hand for the kids who have difficulty with verbal reasoning. It also allows the children to know the location of the news story.
  • Crafting Mama: It is to inform that crafting-mama is the spin-off of the game Cooking Mama series which provides your kid to build different 40 craft projects on this website. These projects include pin wheel, earring, clay ocarinas, and bird houses to mini Mama Dolls. They use DS Stylus to perform the activities. The game does not contain any controversial content. Maximum 4 players can build up the project by using a wireless connection. Kids can practice moves on their own to master themselves.
  • Starfall.com: This is an educational website dedicated to kids. This is a free learn-to-ride website which has been arranged in four different sections letting your kids play online. It helps to lead the journey of your kid from reading readiness to an independent reader. There are no advertising materials on the site and important supplemental educational materials can also be purchased which are available in the online store.
  • TV: Parents are required to inform that while logging in to this website for your kids, you don’t have to enter any kind of personal information of your kid. The website aims to show the viral videos of the internet which are appropriate for the kids of 1 to 12 years. Only a code is required to access the parents’ account information so that the kids will not be able change any kind of settings. This fun website for kids also provides the parents to deselect any video they don’t want among the suggestions if they think it is inappropriate. In this website, kids will enjoy animated, live action or other videos. Parents can also set a time limit for their kids to prevent them from wasting too much time online.
  • Toontastic: These fun website for kids offers a great and easy way to create own animation films. First, the kids will choose characters for setting in each screen. They move the pieces in the form of playing with the figures and prove their own dialogue from iPad recordings. They can also add suitable emotional tone. This website also enhances the skills of storytelling of the kids. They can also share their videos on the website and participate in the film contests. Parents are requested to take care so that their kids will not share any personal information while sharing the movie.
  • Arthur Family Health: This is one of the most useful fun websites for kids as it provides health-related facts and advises. Your kids don’t have to share any information about them while logging in. The website provides comprehensible and concise facts about conditions such as allergies and asthma. There are also other sections of this website which share healthy-living instruction. The instructions are usually shared by well-known faces in PBS’s Arthur TV Show. The information is easy to understand to make it easier for the kids.
  • Touch.Learn: It is a helping hand website for the parents or educators to teach the kids with special needs like autism. Kids will get easily engaged by the intuitive and visually appealing user interface. It provides sets of picture cards with lessons as well as an easy-to-use system of organizing picture card sets. It offers 32 cards free with six lessons. Additional sets and other customized options are available on the website for purchasing. Clean signs for right and wrong answers lets the kids correct their mistakes.
  • Imagination Café: It is a website which offers a large variety of reading-based activities including topics such as animal lifestyle, body language and a lot more. There are also several other stories posted by other kids who inspire others in the writing field. There are also many career-related issues, suitable for 8+ children. To get the other specific functions, register your name on the website.

All the above-mentioned websites are of different kinds letting your kids improve in all aspects. From gaming, making films to learning- these fun websites for kids contains all the contents required by the parents for their kids. Visit the websites with your kids regularly to teach them all kind of lessons they need to grow up. Acquiring the different qualities of lessons, it will be easy for them to solve or face any kind of issues that will pop up in their lives. They will grow up with the lessons of social responsibility, community service, and global awareness.