It is said that “girls are stronger than boys”, but it is proved when it comes to hormonal imbalances in girls. Now you must be thinking that is it this that hormonal imbalances don’t take place in boys. Yes, it does take them in boys, but the girls are bound to suffer more in such cases and one must understand what do teenager girls like. In this post, I am going to give you some important symptoms or change which takes place in girls during the hormonal imbalances. This will be helpful for girls themselves and for their friends and families as well. So, here I go-

9 Signs of Hormonal Imbalances in Girls

1) Constant Weigh Gain

If a girl does the workout, i.e. the physical work and still she is gaining weight constantly, it means that she is suffering from hormonal imbalance. It is not a good sign, as it becomes really difficult to lose weight in this case. And secondly, with the weight gain, other diseases like diabetes also add to the hormonal imbalances in girls. So, if there is any girl in her teens or in her later age is suffering from the weight gain suddenly or without any reason, then she should consult the doctor immediately.

2) Fat belly and loose muscles

The second and the most visible physical symptom of the hormonal imbalance in girls are the fat bellies and the loose muscles. You must have seen some girls who are fat only from their bellies and their overall body is not fat. Or some girls whose muscles are loose and no matter how many workouts they do, they are unable to find any solution to it. The only reason behind is the hormonal imbalance in them. Right medication and regular medication is really very important in the hormonal imbalances. So, the gynecologist should be contacted immediately.

3) Irregular Sleep

If your friend, mother, wife, or daughter is suffering from irregular sleep from quite a long time or suddenly, then don’t consider this as it is happening due to some serious tension, but do discover the other side of the coin, i.e. this might happen due to the hormonal imbalance as well. This is one of the very serious symptoms of hormonal imbalances. This can be considered as the third level of the first stage of hormonal imbalances, it should not be neglected. Rather a good gynecologist should be contacted as soon as possible so that the real cause can be known and cured as well.

4) Fatigue

Is it this that you are unable to wake up even after a sleep of 8-10 hours? Is it this that you do a small amount of work and you feel that you are very tired? Do you feel tired all day long? If you are suffering from all the above-mentioned symptoms, then believe it that you are suffering from the hormonal imbalances. Don’t take it lightly as this can take a serious turn as well. So don’t avoid it. Just see the doctor and do the needful. Seeing a doctor is the only option in hormonal imbalances for girls.

5) Anxiety

If some female whom you know is normal doesn’t suffer from anxiety, but she is suffering from anxiety suddenly, then don’t take it as mood swings. Try to locate the real reason behind this problem and this can be done only by contacting a gynecologist. If you will not go to gynecologist, then this problem will increase along with many other big or small problems attached to the hormonal imbalances. The doctor should be consulted immediately and the medicines and the cure described by the doctor should also be followed without fail, as this is very important.

6) Insomnia

If there is any girl or woman around you who is now complaining or sharing that she is suffering from insomnia like she can’t sleep properly or if she is often forgetting things. Instead of suggesting her that she should sleep or she should take proper rest or she should avoid taking tensions, take her to a good doctor immediately. It is advisable that she should visit the doctor without any delay so that this problem doesn’t increase further. It will be problematic for her and for her closed ones as well. So it should not be avoided.

7) Sweating

Do you sweat while sleeping? Do you sweat in winters? If your answer to all above-mentioned questions is yes, then you are suffering from hormonal imbalances and you need to consult the doctor immediately. This should not be avoided as this can increase the problems. The doctor will give you medicines and he/she may suggest some exercises as well. So follow the schedule given by the doctor so that this problem doesn’t increase. This may lead to increase in the psychological problem as well. So it should be cured as soon as possible. The sweating at night is not a good sign, in hormonal imbalances in girls.

8) Digestive Problem

If there is any woman or girl who suffers from digestive problem even when she has a healthy lifestyle and healthy food habits, then it not only the digestive problem, but it is the symptom of hormonal imbalance also. The woman should definitely share this problem with a friend of her who can give her the right advice instead of those who may just increase it. In such case, the woman should be taken to the gynecologist and the required treatment should be given to that woman as soon as possible.

9) Mood Swings

If a woman whom you know has a very subtle nature and suddenly you notice that she is suffering from mood swings like irritability every now and then. It may not be just mood swings, but it can be the hormonal imbalance as well. In such case, the woman should not take it lightly and she should definitely not avoid it. It is better that she should remove all her confusions so that she can come to a definite conclusion and this can be done by a doctor only. So, seeing a doctor is really very important.

Now I am going to tell you some misconceptions about hormonal imbalances in girls

Why is it only me?

When a girl suffers from the hormonal imbalances, then most of the time, she starts blaming herself, only that she is responsible for her problems. Or in this case, she keeps on asking this question to herself that why is it only her who is suffering from this problem. She doesn’t talk to anyone, she doesn’t go out with family or friends, she doesn’t laugh or she doesn’t do anything which she used to do earlier because she thinks that she alone suffers from this. But this is not true this is a mere misconception and nothing else.


If a girl from uneducated family suffers from hormonal imbalances, then the society start pressurizing her, not directly but indirectly. What I mean to say is that the educated people are aware that the hormonal imbalance in a woman is normal, it can happen to anyone. But the uneducated people don’t know about it. For them, it is something new or some sort of “taboo” for them, so they start talking amongst them and this makes the girl guilty as don’t what has happened to her, whereas this is absolutely normal.

A physician will serve the purpose

This misconception still persists and that is why I want to discuss this in detail with you. When the family of the woman comes to know that she is suffering from hormonal imbalances, then the biggest and the most common mistake that most of the families often commit is that they think that there is no need to go to gynecologist, as seeing a physician will also be enough. I don’t know how they can even think this and how does a woman can agree to this. How can people decide that a physician is better than a gynecologist.

When the same woman visits physician and she continues with the medicine given by the physician, there is no change in her condition, rather it gets worst. It is very obvious that this will happen as a physician is not qualified and experienced as what should he/she do in the hormonal imbalance. So it is advisable and the family or the woman herself should go to the gynecologist only. a trustable and qualified and experience gynecologist will solve the issues in the best manner he/she could.


I would say that the girl should not blame herself or she should not think that she is the only one who is suffering from the hormonal imbalances. If there is any woman who is suffering from the above-mentioned symptoms of hormonal imbalances, then she should consult the gynecologist as soon as possible. She should also share this problem with some sensible person who can give her the right advice. She should not keep it to herself if she is not strong enough. Or if someone knows about it, then he/she take her to the gynecologist only.  The hormonal imbalances in girls is normal.