Are you giving in your best to bring in a cute pink bundle to sweeten your magical life? Well, here you can find top sources that work out indeed perfectly to bless you with a beautiful girl baby of your own. The article well speaks on how to conceive a girl baby both scientifically and naturally.

Either girl or boy, being a healthy baby is important. However, all depends upon the girl’s physical and mental health. Before planning for pregnancy, prepare yourself on those two health sides.

Just Know How it Works

As per science, chromosomes are the key factors that define the baby’s gender. The genetic temperament for a girl child is XX chromosome setting and for the boy child is XY. Since the mother has XX chromosomes, she gives the X part when reproduction. And since the father has XY chromosome arrangement, he gives either X or Y when reproduction. And so the gender of the baby actually comes from the father.

During intercourse, around 200 million numbers of sperms would actually ejaculate into the vaginal part which contains both X and Y chromosomes. Wherein one single sperm will penetrate the ovum for the process of fertilization in which a foetus will then form. Herein to help the X chromosomes for the chances of a girl baby, there are few said & followed natural methods to increase such probability to be happened. And now if you are a person who deserves for a girl baby, here appending below are the tips and techniques especially for you.

The Diet

Certain diet defines on to conceive a girl baby. If the pregnancy goes with much more supplement of calcium and magnesium along with the below-listed foods, chances are higher to get a cute pinkie pie. Flying During Pregnancy is not much allowed. For details check out.

Science theory states that food which is concentrated with acidic and alkaline provide higher the chance to get pregnant with the female gender. The girl’s body on pregnancy with acidity and pH value works a lot with a female foetus. Wherein the pH value actually measures the acidity and alkalinity of the solution – body fluids say for blood, or urine, in which it normally ranges from 0 to 14. Where one must not blindly go with the food chart that is flooded on the web, hence it is advisable to go with doctor’s consultation. Following is the list for your reference:

  1. Fishes such as cod, tuna, carp, salmon, mackerel, haddock
  2. Meat such as lamb, turkey, beef, chicken, eggs
  3. Veggies such as green beans, peas, spinach, broccoli, corn
  4. Fruits such as olives, blueberries, raspberries, plums, citrus kinds & cherries
  5. Nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews
  6. Grain products such as wheat, bread, white flour, rice, oats
  7. Calcium and Magnesium rich food stuff
  8. Other foods stuff such as yogurt, tofu, butter, cheese, vinegar, mustard, chocolates, soda

Say No to salt, sodium potassium, caffeine, blue cheese and processed foodstuffs if you are eager on how to conceive a girl baby.

Right time before ovulation: Medically, female sperms size bigger when to compare to male sperms and are of slow swimmers. Now be on the tricky part to fight with nature, girl sperms live longer than boy sperms. And so, when the intercourse happens just before ovulation – say for some 2 to 30 days before, chances are there to get girl baby. Male sperms will not that much make it into the uterus, but the female sperms do it right away in which it can live up to 5 days.

Shallow environment: Female sperms do very actively in acidic environments (vaginal entrance). And so when you are on the question of how to conceive a girl baby, you have to skip the orgasm part and to be stayed shallow. Staying shallow is by missionary position or woman on top to be sure on shallow penetration to give female sperms higher chances wherein male sperms would be constrained by this environment.

Gentle warm bath: Avoiding orgasm is a bit sad part, but you two can have a gentle warm bath with a pleasant mood. It is researched that female sperms act temper towards warm temperature. But on this, you have to careful since the male reproductive organ’s ambient temperature is on a lesser level. So go for gentle and luke warm bath.

Busy bedroom: Having sex for a number of times would actually lessen the sperm count; hence, the number of male sperms got decreased as they are the fast swimmers. And so there will be the march of slow swimmers – the female sperms. Here the trick works out – that is why we recommend going before your ovulation period, hence number of possible chances for pregnancy and that too with female sperms for ovum fertilization.

Be a vegetarian: As we have discussed already, foods rich in calcium & magnesium with a large quantity of fruits and green vegetables increase the chances of getting pregnant with girl foetus, as per a study. If you really rely on how to conceive a girl baby, just avoid non-veg for some days and vote for veggies.

Legendary bounds: You can hear a ton of stories, some bound on belief and some in reality. The old wrinkled lady would say that the woman must seduce the man if she wants to have a girl baby, wherein the female domination would be more to give power to female sperms, chemically or physiologically. And also, when a girl craves to eat more sweets, then she might have girl baby is said maxim. Hence, now work out in reverse, when you plan to get pregnant; just start yourself to crave more on the sweeter side. One more clue says that having intercourse during the early afternoon will give a pink answer to those who are all on how to conceive a girl baby.

You can surely try the above stated methods as none of them are harmful. Good luck for producing a baby girl!