Six smart skills to react for how to make a baby stop crying

Crying baby says that he/she is healthy. Parents and everyone else is concerned if born babies don’t cry immediately after he/she comes from mother’s womb and in the same, they do worry if the baby cries after that. This article talks you with few pleasant ideas to settle down your baby by meeting his/her requirements. The cry is the only mode of communication where baby can ask for anything that he/she needs. But after few days, the mom can able to differentiate the crying patterns of the baby, thus, she can respond to her baby’s requirement immediately.

Listed below are few instances and questions the baby wants to ask his Mama when it is outrageously crying.

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Query no. 1: “Mama, feed me”.

All the human beings crave for next meal! As the little one’s tummy is very small, so he/she starts feeling hungry sooner a while. Most likely baby cries because of hunger only. And so, if your baby cries, feed him/her with milk (if it is newborn) or the other weaning foods (if it is few months older & once you started giving him/her other foods). Some babies will stop crying once he/she starts having and few babies will stop crying only the little fills. Though he/she cries continuously, then you have to seek for his/her next requirement.

Query no. 2: “Mama, I am not feeling comfortable”.

Now, you have to check whether your baby pees or weeks. If at all your little one’s diaper / nappy disturbs, he/she won’t cry continuously. And almost for some nine months, your little bud swims around in the uteri and now the clothes, the nappies, and even the surrounding’s sensational stuff may disturb him/her. While changing the nappies, you must be very careful wherein he/she may cry aloud because of the breeze or even he/she doesn’t like the room temperature, so keep him/her warmth. Also, be sure not the nappy is too tight and too loose. In addition, while removing off the soiled one, pat and dry your baby and then wear him/her the next new one.

Query no. 3: “Mama, I just want to be right”.

Sometimes, Moms think as if they are dressing their babies’ right and ends up in overdressing. Thus, lead to making the baby cry when he/she feels too hot or sometimes too cold. So it is advisable to use cotton cloth wraps and can use cellular blankets (depends upon the weather) to cover the baby while putting him/her to sleep. And be sure that set up the bedding to the ground level; make your baby sleep on the back and at the center. However you or anyone is accompanied the baby, still placing hard pillows on all the four sides is an advisable precaution to safeguard your little bun if he/she rolls up or tumbles down. Moreover, try maintaining normal room temperature though it is of any season to avoid babies in getting too much hot and too much cold. If you want to check whether the little one is at the right temperature, just check on the stomach but not anywhere on the hands and feet. In general, babies feel slightly chill on those parts.

Query no. 4: “Mama, I want to hear your heart beats”.

Babies dwell in their mothers’ uteri for about nine months and so make them feel odd once after they feet down in this world. Hence, babies often would like to be in mothers’ hand to feel the warmth and to hear their heartbeats – the familiar sound they heard for a longer time. Some babies will settle down once after they feed full, some may feel okay once the nappy is got changed and some may settle down only the mom cuddles him/her up and a reassurance that he/she is safer in here. Some months older baby will settle down if they hear mom’s voice or if he/she sees her. But the situation of new babies varies a lot, wherein they simply want to be in mom’s hands and love to hear her heart beats. But people around might state that the mom would spoil the baby wherein then he/she will not allow the mom to carry on her works, but that is absolutely wrong. In the early days, such closest rooming-in must be there. To make the jobs easy, moms can try using baby slings to hold the baby closer, where the hands are free to carry on her tasks.

Query no. 5: “Mama, I am feeling very tired and paining”.

Most of the house practices are visiting new babies. But that actually make the baby feeling very tired, dull and aching. When there is a lot more attention towards the baby from grandparents, relatives et al and being handled by all will leave the baby overwhelmed at the end of the day along with too much noise and too much bright light! Finally, mom has to bang to settle down the baby, in such case take the baby to some calm & quite a place, show him/her different things, do rock, pat and wrap him/her some time. Else you can give your baby a warm and gentle bath to settle down his/her aches and soothe to sleep.

Query no. 6: “Mama, soothe me for some time to feel better”.

You have met all the essential requirements of your baby right from, filling his/her stomach, changing the soiled nappy, wrapping for right temperature, made him/her feeling comfy, held him/her for warmth rooming-in but still when your little bud cries and turns out red, then you have to check on his/her health conditions. Sometimes, he/she might suffer from body pain, cold symptoms, stomach pain, constipation and some or the other thing that makes the baby feeling uncomfortable. Hence, it is advised to seek your baby’s doctor for further settlement. And on the worst cases, that if your baby cries accompanying with vomiting, red cheeks, diarrhea, it is must to take your baby to the doctor.

Generally, we advise all the new moms to take care of their babies with scheduled list. Follow right time to feed in, wean-in, bathing time, playing time and sleeping time. On most of the cases, babies feel sick when any of the above gets disturbed. And moms should not be guided with blind beliefs, instead, must take doctor’s guidance for any of the queries. Dear young moms, wipe away your worries of how to make a baby stop crying and the happy baby growing!