Getting pregnant is one of the most beautiful stages in the life of a woman however the suspense that surrounds it when one is left wondering in the early stages whether or not they have conceived can be very irritating as well. Generally after intercourse and before the period most women look for signs of conception. Some even start to think that they are already pregnant even before they have missed their regular monthly period and would like to know at the earliest whether the result is positive or not. There are a lot of articles on the internet which talk about early and most common signs of conception but however none of them can prove to be conclusive as they can be other medical reasons for the occurrence of these signs as well.

Yet there are a lot of signs that have found to be occurring in pregnant women and after adequate research these have been termed the most basic common signs of conception that occur in majority of the cases. Depending upon her body structure and hormonal balance of a woman may experience either one or many of these signs of conception. In some cases women may fail to have a experience of even a single one these so called signs of conception. The best way to determine whether or not you are pregnant is by conducting a home pregnancy test by using a pregnancy testing kit that is available in the market.

6 Signs of Conception

Mentioned below are some of the most signs of conception known to be experienced by a large number of women but it is recommended that you confirm with your doctor to be really sure whether or not you are pregnant :

Fatigue :
A lot of women who are pregnant have admitted to fatigue and exhaustion being the first sign that they experienced. M0ost women start feeling worn out even before they know that they have conceived. Fatigue is one of the first signs of conception that shows up in as early as seven days from the day you have conceived. One of the most common and logical explanations for fatigue is due to the heart working overtime to pump extra blood to the foetus.

Changes in Breasts :
Most women experience swelling and pain in their nipples and breasts. This is due to increase in breast tissue and hormones that are formed by increased blood supply to that region. The nipples become sore and hard and in some cases may also develop dark circles around and underneath them . This is facilitate the growth of cells and ducts which produce milk for your baby after it is born. These changes can occur even before some women have confirmed their pregnancy

Nausea :
The most widely experienced sign amongst all women of different sizes and ages. This is also known as ‘morning sickness, most women will also vomit as a result of nausea. While during pregnancy women can feel like vomiting and experience nausea at any moment it is mostly in the mornings that this sign occurs. Women who vomit regularly due to nausea also get a sense of smell and cannot stand the strong odor of some or perfumes foods as well. Some may even feel like vomiting once they smell such things. Nausea normally starts a few weeks after conception and mostly women by then know that they are pregnant.

Cramps in the abdomen :
A lot many changes occur especially in the belly region to accommodate the foetus. It is as though the stomach is making some room by shifting some vital organs a bit here and there just like you would make some space in your living room for a visitor to sleep. The stretching of ovary tissues time and again are one of the main reasons for experiencing cramps in the abdomen area. The sensation is like a mild tickling or pinching from within. In some cases there could be sharp pains as well. This gain would occur in the early stages of conception and mostly is a confirmation for women to notice some changes inside their body.

Vaginal Discharge and Frequent Urination :
The vagina is normally very wet and slippery in the first stages of conception. Also many women may find it leaking out an increased of amount of cervical fluid with different colors. The discharges may happen either just once in a day or a number of times
Also most women may feel as though they have lost control over their bladder and also start to frequent the bathroom more often than not. However there could be also other medical explanations for both theses signs, therefore kindly consult a doctor or undergo a pregnancy test to be sure.

A Missed period :
Of all the above signs that have been talked about in this write up a missed period could probably be the best one to tell you that you maybe pregnant. Although there can be many reason for missing or delaying a period but when this occurs it causes most women to start thinking whether or not they have conceived. Also once a missed period occurs it is advised you wait for a couple of more days to check whether it is delayed and if the period still seems a goner then you might as well go in for a pregnancy test and a check up to determine pregnancy.

Apart from the above signs one could also experience a lot many other ones that may not be talked about as they may be rare for example like food cravings or a change in taste and many others. The ones that we have covered in this write up are the most common ones that are generally most pregnant women go through. Again as mentioned earlier it may not be necessary that you may have to experience either one or all of these signs to know whether you have conceived or not. In some odd cases women do not know till as late as the third month of pregnancy whereas others never knew until they went for a routine check up and were surprised when their doctors broke the news to them.

Therefore if you have experienced any of the above signs of conception and want to know whether you are actually pregnant or not its time you visit your doctor and undergo a check up or conduct a pregnancy test at home. Chances are that you may have conceived. Congratulations !!!