What Should My Baby be doing at 3 months? At three months of age, your baby officially becomes an infant. Here is the answer to your question ‘What should my baby be doing at 3 months’. Make this milestone be marked for your baby with photographs and some other activities. This 3rd month is the official graduation of your baby for infant status. The startle reflex that you have seen for the first couple of months will fade away in the 3rd month. Your little toddler will now definitely understand that there is more life than to sleeping, eating and pooping. You can also find out that your baby’s neck strength is also improving and you will notice no head wobbling while holding him upright.

The Benchmarks of What Should My Baby Be Doing At 3 Months

While this time, they will love to stay more awake in the day and will sleep for longer stretches at night. He will probably start to try clapping hands, or giggling himself. Few of the babies also start to bear a little bit weight of their legs to stand, but if your baby is unable to do it at 3 months, do not bother because it is normal. While lying on their stomach, they should have enough upper-body strength supporting their chest and head with their little hands.

Your 3 months old baby’s stomach is getting matured, so they can now afford some more milk or extra formula. It is possible to develop your baby’s touching ability by using many texture materials so that it can enrich his touching experience. You must have lots of skin contact with your baby. It will actually develop a strong bond between you and your baby and also make them comfortable when they are irritable. You can also give baby massage by simply rubbing your hands with baby oil on his skin. They should have enough lower body strength also to stretch their legs and kick.

The early signs of eye co-ordination of your baby can be noticed by you this time. Their hands’ strength will be improved enough to close or shut hands, grab toys or to clap. Your baby’s daytime nap schedule also is kept in the routine now. Most of the babies of 3 months take day nap for 1 ½ to 2 hours. Now your job is to stimulate their growth of intelligence. Try different tones of voice to speak and sing songs with surprise endings. They will turn head and smile to their parents now and a love for all kinds of music will grow.

What Should My Baby Be Doing At 3 Months

According to a famous psychiatrist, it is the time when “babies come out of their ‘shells’ and begin to react” with the whole world. It is also known as ‘Hatching’. Mothers get fascinated with the thought of ‘What should my baby be doing at 3 months’; it is to inform them that your kids will now never use crying as a medium of communication. They will start smiling on the things they get pleasure from. Let them be taken to parks, lakes or to any kind of natural surroundings so that they can get related with the sounds of different animals and watch the birds fly. They can be able to identify many natural objects by themselves then.

What should my baby be doing at 3 months? They will wait for you to smile first at them. They will get enjoyment by seeing other babies like them and even they will be pleased watching their own reflection in the mirror. During tummy time, roll a ball within 2 feet from him and make them reach the ball by their own. It will develop their hand and eye co-ordination. Your 3 months old baby will cry not more than 1 hour a day. If it exceeds, consult a pediatrician. They will try to communicate with others in a different way like cooing or making vowel sounds. Engage your little one in rapid conversation. While commenting something, do it in a loud voice so that they will be able to listen to it as well as see your expressions while talking.

Immunizations for the Baby at 3 months

As an answer to your thought “What should my baby be doing at 3 months”, it will be very important to know that your 3 month baby will develop second round of immunizations, such as:

  1. Rotavirus: A virus which is highly infectious and can cause gastroenteritis in your baby.
  2. Hib/IPV/DTaP: They protect against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus.
  3. PCV: It protects against pneumococcal infections like pneumonia, bronchitis etc.

He will be busy in learning emotions and smiles in this period. He will love your face and also find a lot more faces interesting. Your baby will love to move and will start to roll from his tummy to back. He might even sit up if you arrange supports in each of the sides of his body. Play together always, especially during tummy time. Kids always love to get known with their mothers first. They will feel more secured and loved with you. Your smile makes him happy because of the release of natural chemicals in his body. Try to smile every time; it will be helpful for your kids’ brain development. Whenever they try to give some sound reply, listen to them carefully and teach them the link between words and feelings.

Respond to his every crying. If you know the reason that why your baby is crying, solve it as early as possible. Sometimes, you are unknown to the reason of your baby crying, but it is your duty to make him feel comfortable again, do not avoid his crying. Now you have almost a fine idea about ‘what should be my baby doing at 3 months?’ Now, you will be able to give better parenting to your 3 months old baby who are gradually become matured. Let them practice kicks and arm-stretching as it is necessary for them during their muscle development period. Do a better parenting and get closer to your baby.

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