Entertaining the kids does not cost a fortune and it does not even require any expensive things to make them happy. Small and simple things can also bring a smile to the kids face. Here you will find many great innovative ideas for free family day outs or many exciting indoor activities that will never let your children get bored. Most of the suggestive ideas, mentioned here are almost free or at the minimum expense. You don’t have to do a lot of expenses to see a smile on your kids’ faces. This list of free things to do with kids will save your budget and make your kids happy too.

7 Free Things to Do With Kids to Save a Fortune

  • Autumn Treasure Hunt Charts: Autumn is the best time of the year to go out and do a treasure hunt with your kids. Let them spot all the nature objects including animals and insects. Check out the list of woodland, parks or playgrounds to start the autumn treasure hunt as an example of free things to do with kids. Make out a fresh chart for the hunt so that the children can tick off the things which they have spotted. Make the treasure hunt more interesting by adding prizes to all the things which have been collected. You can also make a little art display or make some drawings by your own of the collected things so that the children take it as a memory call.
  • Midnight Feast: Midnight feast is a brilliant example of free things to do with kids and will be greatly enjoyed by your kids because they will surely love the change in food routine. They will find something inherently naughty about this funny feast. Let them stay awake for a little later than usual. This plan will be more successful if the next day is a holiday. They will surely be glad to have midnight feast then without worrying about schools or studies. Arrange variety of foods on a blanket on the floor and use the torch light to lighten the room to add the midnight theme. Avoid sugary treats to ignore all-night party. Stick to sandwiches or fruits.
  • Toy-Swapping Party: Kids often get bored with their old toys. If you are on a budget and want suggestions for free things to do with kids, this maybe the good one. Hold a toy-swapping party in your home. Ask your kid for the toys which he will not mind to lend others. Collect it and swap all the toys with your kid’s friends. It is a unique way of getting loads of new toys for your kids for free. Your kid will absolutely enjoy it and you will also find out the other kind of choices of your kid. After giving back the swapped toys, you can also plan to buy among one of the swapped gifts which he likes the most.
  • Marble Runs: This is another great idea of free things to do with kids. Take out old cereal boxes, empty containers and loo rolls to make home-made marble run. Take special care when your kid is building a base and help them to make it as solid as possible. They can build it up as high as they want and the glue and cello tape will be enough to hold the above pieces. You can also use sturdier cardboards to ensure that the base will hold the above pieces more properly. It will be a great fun for your kids as they can make new slides or tubes each day and add them to the previous model.
  • Keep a Buddy Diary: Make your child choose their favorite buddy. It could be anything like dolls, teddy bears, special blankets or pillows or any cartoons. After choosing his favorite buddy, ask him to prepare a diary and record all the adventures which he has with his favorite buddy. You can also capture the special moments of your kid and his buddy. Paste the photographs in the diary so that he gets more interest of being adventurous with his favorite one. If the buddy is included in your holiday trip, separate your kid and its picture to add this to the diary. They will get happy and add something new every day by their own.
  • Dressing up: It is a super idea of free things to do with kids in your home. Kids love new dresses and love to be dressed uniquely every time. If your kid is at home and gets bored with other works, let them dress up on their own with their new or favorite attire. It will be a fun for them. If they already have a separate dress sections, open it for them to choose their own choices. They will get excited by seeing themselves in the new attire. You can also help them to make home-made hats and accessories so that they feel special to wear it and love it more than the readymade ones. Princess capes, necklaces will be a good choice to make at home.
  • Room-Tidying Competition: Make a challenge to your kids and give them to make their rooms tidy. Measure the time and find out who does the job quicker. You can count loudly also to make them aware of the time. Let the winner to get an opportunity to request you an activity he likes. It obviously comes under the category of free things to do with kids.

Keeping your child occupied while they are in home is not an easy task when you are on a budget. These free things to do with kids ideas will definitely save you from spending enough money to get them involved in some tasks. Your small efforts can make them feel happy even while doing the indoor activities. Your kids will be glad if your ideas are more innovative and they will love to share them with their friends. Now enjoy the holiday time with your little ones.