Some of Most entertaining and Funny Jokes For Kids To Tell At School

Funny Jokes For Kids To Tell At School

  1. Question : -Why was studies easier for the ancient people
    • Answer : – They had no history to study
  2. Teacher: Anyone answering my next question will be allowed to go home early.
    One student breaks window by throwing away his bag hard at the window.
    Teacher: who broke the window!
    Student: Me! Now am I allowed to go home early ?
  3. Teacher: Why did you come late to the school?
    Student: sign board is the reason.
    Teacher: What sign board?
    Student: sign board says, “School Ahead, Go Slow.”
  4. Teacher: tell me the future tense of “I killed a person.
    Student: “You will go to jail”
  5. Two boys were having verbal spats in the class room and suddenly the teacher entered the class room. Teacher:”Why are you guys arguing?”
    Student 1 : “We found a 100 dollor note in the road now we have decided to give it someone who tells the biggest lie.”
    Teacher:”You should be ashamed of yourselves When I was of your age I never knew what lying meant”
    The Students gave the 100 dollars to the teacher and left.
  6. Mother: How did you go about school today
    Son: We did quite lot of guessing game.
    Mother: But weren’t you having a math exam today.
    Son: exactly!
  7. Teacher: Can any tell me the chemical formula for water?
    Student: “H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O”!!
    Teacher: Wrong Answer
    Student: Ma’am but from what I remember you taught us that it’s H to O!
  8. Teacher: “I want everyone to pay a little attention”
    Ramu: “I’ trying really hard to pay as little attention as I can!”
  9. Father(after exams of his son): Show me your report card.”
    Son: One of My friend has borrowed it from me as He wanted to scare his parents.”
  10. Student to teacher: Ma’am, I hope you Would not punish me for some thing which i didn’t do?
    Teacher: Yes I will not
    Student: Ma’am, I didn’t do my homework.

11 Very Funny Jokes For Kids To Tell At School

  1. A mother walked into her son’s room and said cheerfully, “Up. Up. It’s time to go to school.”

A boy was sleeping and his mother walked in to wake him up and said cheerfully, “Wake Up son, wake up. you will get late wake up It’s time to go to school.”

Son didn’t want to go to school and replies “Mom, I don’t want to go.”
mother(annoyed) – “You will have to go,”
Son – “I bloody hate my school. all kids are rotten and mean”
Mother tries – “You will still have to go for better future”
Son(Crying) – “school is like a jungle one after another fight and I get threats at least 100 times in a day!”
Mother(trying) – “You will have to go no excuses!!”
Son( pleading) – “Why must I go?”.
Mother – “Because,You are the principal!”

2. Maths Teacher (Asking students): “If your father earns $500 dollars in a week and if he gives half of this money to your mother, what would she have?”
Student: “A heart attack.”

3. Teacher (Asking) : “What is the reason of having school?”
Student (Answering): If we don’t have school’s there wouldn’t summer vacation and reason for holidays.

4. Ramu (calling school authorities): My son is ill so he won’t be able to come to school.
School(The one who receives the call): May I know Who is this?
Ramu: This is my father speaking!

5.Ramu: I won’t be able to go to school.
Father: Why you won’t be able to go to school today?
Ramu: Because I don’t feel well
Father: Where don’t you feel well?
Son: In school!

6. Teacher: Didn’t You miss your school yesterday?
Ramu: Not really!

7. Ramu (complaining): I don’t think I deserved zero marks!
Teacher(answering): I agree, but that’s the lowest mark any teacher can give!

8. Ramu: “Dad! I have some great news for you!”
Father: “What is that?”
Ramu: “Remember You had promised to give me $100 if I pass my exams ?”
Father: “I certainly remember my promise.”
Ramu: “Great, Now you can keep that money.”

9. Ramu arrive’s late at school.
Teacher was already taking class, Ramu gives excuse and say’s “Sorry ma’am I’m late, it won’t happen from next time.”
Teacher Replies: “Don’t worry child, at-least you’re early for your next class.”

10. Ramu reaches late to school
Teacher (asking): Ramu Why are you so late?
Ramu: last night It rained so much that all roads have become wet and slippery.
Teacher: So what ?
Ramu (explaining): Every step that I made forward, I slipped backwards two steps.
Teacher: Well,incase if it rains tomorrow, you should start walking in the opposite direction.

11. 2 questions by Teacher
Teacher: Why do u drink water?
Ramu: Because noone can eat water

Teacher: Why do u come to school?
Ramu: Because the school cannot come to me