During the basic learning period of maths, kids usually gets bored with the normal processes of learning the subject. Therefore, they rapidly get less interested in learning it and do not understand the basic fundamentals. This creates problems when they reach next level as their basic becomes weak. Therefore, teaching them maths in a unique way, is very important to increase their interest in mathematics. Here are some recommended fun math games for kids:

Some Fun Math Games For Kids to Indulge in

Math Tiles: Winter Multiplication: This fun math games for kids will make your kids to fall in love with multiplication. It is quite a fun game to teach your kids, the easiest way of multiplication. You can make your kids practice multiplication skills with factors up to 12 in a way, which they can enjoy. The instruction of the game is to solve the multiplication and to drag the answer to the correct piece of puzzle.

Halloween Addition From 0 to 10: One of the useful games to improve your kids’ addition skills. It helps to practice sums which result up to 10. The instruction is to solve the addition problem and to drag the puzzle piece to the right answer. The rule is to add or subtract within 20, to demonstrate the fluency for sums within 10. Use strategies while making ten (e.g., 7+8=7+3+5=10+5=15); decomposing numbers leading to 10 (e.g., 18-9=18-8-1=10-1=9). Create equivalent, easy and known sums (like 8+8+1=16+1=17)

Fraction Puzzles: Fraction seems to be one of the hardest maths problems among kids. Fraction Puzzles game will help your kids to understand fraction very easily and make them to work on fraction more so that they can solve any fraction related maths in few minutes. You may follow the instructions to play the game. Recognize and make some equivalent fractions, explain the equivalency of friction by using visual model of fraction. Now you can compare the two fractions with same or different numerators and denominators.

Halloween Math Pacman: It is the math version of the much known Pacman game. It is one of the perfect fun math games for kids to learn the properties of addition, subtraction, multiplication. You will be given a math problem shown in the game. You have to solve the problem and gobble up power pellets of the correct answer. You must avoid eating the wrong answer pellets or you will lose a life. Use arrow keys to move along the paths.

Math Buzz: Let your kids use their math skill to protect the queen and collect pollens by playing 5 different worlds. The bees must be rescued to help you on your journey. Start the game by pressing play button and select the math mode you want to practice. After solving the question, click on the block which has right answer on it. Your correct answer will dispatch a bee from your troop to rescue your friend and defend the queen. You must keep an eye on power up bubbles which will give you a swarm of friends or rocket when the queen flies towards you at a high speed. Give answer carefully so that you do not have to lose one bee for each wrong answer. This is one of the fun math games for kids, your kid will love!

Math Baseball: It is generally a one player game. There is a 2 player’s mode also. The game will give you a math problem after starting it. Solve the problem, enter it and hit the swing button. You will get a hit when your answer is correct. The game will decide whether the hit is single, double, triple or based on home run, according to the difficulty of the math. If you give a wrong answer, you will get an out. Your game will be disqualified after 3 outs. The level of the game includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and all of these.

Math Car Racing: The game is one of the fun math games for kids and has three levels- easy, medium and hard. Easy mode includes addition and subtraction, medium includes multiplication and division, hard mode includes all of these. Outdrive the game’s math car by reaching the highest score. Choose the level of the game your kid wants to play to practice. The game will choose from the column which your kid has selected. Your kid will get win points based on the difficulty of the problem.

Soccer Shootout: The game provides two modes – fractions and whole numbers. This two modes have sub-modes also, i.e., easy, medium, hard, super brain. These sub-modes include all kinds of math operations. Score and save with your correct answers to the math problems. First shoot and then try to shot the ball by using your math skill. In the case of fractions, remember to reduce your scores.

St.Patrick’s Day Dot to Dot Puzzle: The game is all about connecting the dots and making the picture of St.Patrick’s Day picture. Start at the number 1 and then continue to join the other dot which comes next. Go on joining the points in an ordered manner. When you get to the last number, draw a line to number 1 to connect it back. You will get the hidden picture by following this.

Factor Fracture: It is another fun math game for kids. They will love to play it. It is just like any other ordinary shooting games. The instruction is to shoot out the asteroids which are divisible by the factors written on the missiles. The game will help your kid to improve their multiplication and division skills. They will also get interest in factors and multiples math problems.

It can be difficult for the parents to find worthwhile and productive math activities. Therefore the above suggestion of fun math games can be very helpful to the kids. These games cover all the math fundamentals. Sometimes, teachers and parents try to solidify the concept using worksheets, but this kind of games will really have an educational impact on your child. They get engaged and more interested by the format of the games and will love to come back for more.