Basically, we all want our children to learn correct spellings and vocabularies so that they will have a good basic knowledge about English language. Maybe sometimes they do not pay much attention and concentration in learning it. Parents should think of unique ideas to teach them about the most important basics of the language. Nowadays, there are many websites which provides free online keyboard games. Their focus is to make the children learn about typing. These are a great way to build the typing skills of your child. Children will learn many more interesting and valuable facts from these games with fun. They can check and increase their word list by using vocabulary and spelling games. They can take their own spelling test and vocabulary activities. Premium games and automated records of the learners are also kept in different websites. Here are some suggestions to help you with fun typing games for kids:

  1. Tommy Q: This is an amazing typing game. Kids will love to play it as it includes the graphics of other zombie games. Your kid will have to defend his backyard from encroaching zombies. One has to use the up and down arrow keys and move between the rows. Use the left and right arrow keys to face left or right direction. Type the word above the encroaching zombie and knock it back into the ground. If you want to use a power up, press Enter key.
  2. Sight Word Bingo: First listen to the word that the bingo bug speaks and click on the corresponding word on the screen. Get correct four words horizontally, vertically or diagonally to make Bingo and win. Sight words are the words which are recognized easily without sounding out parts. It includes verbs, pronouns, adjectives, nouns, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions. This activity also requires a headphone or a set of speaker.
  3. Consonant Blends: It is a great practice for your kids to work with consonant digraphs and the new words. Your buddy needs to go across the game board to move ahead and you have to give answers of different questions and also you need to create new words. This game can be played by four players at a time.
  4. Vampire Hunter: It is also one of the perfect fun typing games for kids. This game provides vampire graphics to improve your kids’ typing skill. One has to destroy all the vampires through your typing skill in a funny way. The game offers different level to speed up your typing skills. Playing this, collect holy water to clean up every vampire by pressing Enter. Play the game to clean the vampires and bats while improving your skills.
  5. Keytower Typing Game: This game is same as the block-making games. The rule of the game is very simple and it will help the kids to find out the alphabets from the keyboard as fast as they can. The alphabets will be shown in a block which will be in a hanging situation. Type the correct alphabet to make the blocks get down to the surface. Each correct answer will add new blocks to the surface and will make a keytower. Each block will get different scores according to their arranging order.
  6. Typing Attack Game: It is a game of attacking the words to move to the next level. It includes easy, medium and hard modes. The enemies will appear on the screen and you have to shoot them out with the gun by typing the words as enemies. Each correct word will shoot each of the enemies. Shoot as early as you can to get better scores. The different level enables tougher words with higher speeds. These fun typing games for kids will be enjoyed by the kids a lot.
  7. Cup Stacking: This game enables the students or learners to write single letter quickly in an environment which is not pressurized. The letters to type by the learners are written in bold and can be seen very easily. Students can practice it without any distractions and it will never give much stress to their eyes. The game is so well-designed that it can also be used for formal education.
  8. Typing Tycoon-Animals: It is an amusing game and kids get easily addicted to the game. It starts with the easy mode. First you have to write the correct alphabets shown on the screen. For every correct answer, you will get $1. If you are able to write accurately for long hours, you will be able to unlock the higher levels and get to know about more worthy words. To make this game more interesting, buy some animals to help you. Every individual animal has their own power and capabilities.
  9. Typing Asteroids: This game can make you remember of ‘Missile Command Game’. In this game, the asteroids are heading towards the Earth, with words shown on it. You have to write the words shown on the missile as quick as you can, to send the laser from your base to explode them. You can also set the level of the game from easy to hard. Easy level will give you easy and short words and hard level will give you long and complicated words.

The above list of typing games is suitable for elementary school kids. Typing skills, accuracy, and speed will be easily improved by these fun typing games for kids. Though they are disguised as computer arcade games, they are actually learning games to write English single words, multiple words and even sentences. The kids will get fond of the easy levels at the very beginning. After their gradual improvement, they will get to higher and advanced level themselves. They can also play the test games to measure their improvements and can also follow the basic facts and steps of keyboard typing. The parents now can be absolutely tension free about their kids’ vocabulary, typing and spelling skills. Make them play the games in a regular basis, so that they get enthusiasm to play more in advanced levels and get their list of words be filled up with new and useful words.

These fun typing games for kids will definitely leave a smile on your child’s face, and your’s too!