Getting pregnant after miscarriage can be stressful and difficult. It is not only about physical condition and pain, but also about emotion and mental stability as well. No one likes the idea of having to lose the child they have expected so soon – especially when the miscarriage happens in such stressful, emotional, and painful way. Most people say that the miscarriage can bring grief for both the parents, but it is the moms that suffer most of all.

The First Step

It is normal if moms are still grieving from their miscarriage. Some people may need long time to heal, while others may need shorter moment. No matter how long the time they need to heal themselves, it is important that moms really get themselves prepared for being pregnant again. They may grieve as long as they want. They may take all the times they need. It is important that they are ready again and they are truly set for it. There is no use forcing out a quick and early pregnancy to moms who aren’t ready yet. Most medical experts say that preparing both the mental and physical aspects is important in getting pregnant after miscarriage, but preparing the mental readiness is the most crucial part.

If moms are ready to get pregnant again, they need to consult their doctors. Miscarriage leaves not only emotional scars, but physical scars as well – especially if it happens in painful and stressful events. Moms need to check their physical condition and make sure that their body is ready to go through the pregnancy stage again. Most doctors usually suggest that moms wait for about 6 months before they can get pregnant again. However, according to lots of medical studies and researches, moms don’t have to wait for such long period of time. If they are mentally and physically ready, they can get pregnant in less than 6 months. Nevertheless, if these moms experience stressful and painful miscarriage experience, it is better to wait up to 6 months so the body has the time to recover and repair itself naturally.

The Considerations

Before getting ready to get pregnant again, these moms should have several considerations and thoughts to ponder about.

  • – They need to know and realize that pregnancy is unique and different. One type of pregnancy is different from the others, so they can’t really compare their condition with others.
  • – They need to consult the doctors and discuss all the possibilities. They need to make sure whether their physical element is ready to take another pregnancy shot. They also need to have honest suggestion or review from their doctors.
  • – They need to ask themselves whether they are ready to be pregnant again or not.
    This kind of question is important especially if they deal with problems such as recurrent miscarriages or fertility issue.

The Medical Checking up

It is crucial that doctors should be there for the moms during this stage. Not only they will check on the moms’ condition and overall health, they can also provide support and encouragement for these moms. It is quite normal that these moms are afraid to be pregnant again and they have doubts whether they will make it this time. The doctors will not only provide health monitoring and medical assistance, but they should also provide moral support.

During this stage, it is important that these moms aren’t stressful about pregnancy matters. They should keep in mind that their health is the most important aspect – how can they expect themselves to be pregnant again if they aren’t in good condition? Lots of moms don’t know when they will get their period again. If the miscarriage happens without problems at all, they can expect to get their period again within 2 to 4 weeks. However, if the miscarriage had to go through difficult times and problems, it is possible that they will get their period again within 6 to 8 weeks.

So, what should moms do in getting pregnant after miscarriage? First of all, they shouldn’t stress out things. They shouldn’t worry about things; whether they will conceive again. Just move forward and run life just the way it is. Second, they should consume healthy foods and meals. Not only these meals can help them achieve better life, it may also help them increase their chance in getting pregnant again. Some doctors may suggest that moms consume nettle leaves, red clover, or red raspberry leaves – that can be mixed in tea – to rebuild mineral storage and nourish the body. Consuming supplements – the ones that are suggested by doctors – can also help.

It is also important that moms talk to their spouses or families. Sometimes families can put lots of pressure about having a child without them even realizing it. It is crucial to talk to them and give them understanding that such thing cannot be forced. If they are able to give them such understanding, they won’t bother them anymore. If they still have some doubts and emotional scars concerning the miscarriage, they can always ask for professional help. Asking for help from counselor or therapists can also help. In short, moms shouldn’t let this problem becomes their emotional burden because it may hamper their progress in getting pregnant after miscarriage.

Miscarriage can be a tragic and also sad event in life. But life can be unfair and cruel sometimes. What people can do is to try their best and move on. As long as moms don’t stress out things and they try as best as they can, they should get pregnant again in no time.