For young couples, becoming parents is a dream that they see every day and it is indeed the most exciting part of their married lives. The last few months of pregnancy are nerve wrecking and there are a lot of ifs and buts and dos and don’ts that come across the parents minds, specially, when all your friends and family fill your ears with advice and suggestions that are sometimes not even required. Out of all the guess and hearsay that the parents to be come across, how to get your baby to sleep is the most challenging.

Before the little one is even born, the very thought of getting baby to sleep freaks them out!

This article aims at helping young couples understand what a new-born baby sleep is all about and what are the tips and tricks that can help you overcome this tough task that you have to fulfil as a parent.

Before we go ahead, please note is that new born babies are one of the most unpredictable creatures on this planet and it is really difficult to predict their sleeping or eating habits. It is next to impossible, so one should never try to compare their new born baby with other children and follow rules and methods that others follow. As a parent, you have to see what your baby requires and act accordingly.

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7 Tips on How To Get A Baby To Sleep


The most important characteristic of motherhood or fatherhood is patience and without patience you cannot succeed in this very challenging mission of parenthood. Even after the birth of your new born, you need to be as patient as you were when you carried the baby in your womb. The moment you lose patience, all techniques and methods will go waste, so don’t forget to keep your patience intact at all times, be it night or day. Patience can be about how to get a baby to sleep at night or feeding him during odd hours.


For the first six to seven weeks after birth, there is no fixed pattern of your little one’s sleep.  During the initial weeks, new born babies can hardly be awake for two hours at one particular instant of the day. Be alert and watch out for signs like the little one rubbing their eyes, yawning, blinking eyes continuously and behaving cranky. Once you start being more alert, you will automatically start acting accordingly.


Before you put your baby to sleep, be sure that you change the diaper. Night or day, changing diaper is very important. Any irritant or wetness can cause the young one to be deprived of sleep and can make the baby cranky. No matter how hard you try to put him to sleep, there’s no way the baby will sleep if the diaper is wet or is causing rashes. Not only change, but you also must keep checking the diaper after the baby has slept and change immediately if you see any sign of wetness.


Sometimes, hunger pangs can make the little one cranky which can in turn be one of the biggest reasons why the baby refuses to sleep. One of the tips for How to Get Baby to Sleep through the Night is that you should ensure that you feed the baby properly and then put him to sleep. Not necessarily at night, but even during the day, you must feed the baby properly so that hunger does not take toll on the little one’s sleep. At the same time, you must also ensure that you don’t over feed the baby which can also give him sleepless nights.


You must have seen that new born babies make weird gestures and actions during their sleep. Suddenly they start crying or laughing and then get back to normal. If you see your new born baby doing this, don’t over react or start getting panicky. This is a very natural behavior and happens with all new born babies. For the first three months, new born babies do not have a sound sleep. Don’t make efforts to soothe the baby or put him back to sleep because “he is already asleep”. Understanding this is very important!


Like we, adults cannot sleep if the lights are on or if there is too much noise in the bedroom, even new born babies need a calm and serene environment to sleep. Try covering the walls of the baby’s room with light and soothing colors and keep distractions like television, music player, mobiles phones etc out of the baby’s vicinity. It is very important that you maintain a quiet and peaceful environment so that your baby can have a sound sleep and does not give you sleepless nightmares. Also, try your best to get your baby to sleep on the most comfortable mattress or cot. Ensure that the base is not hard. Also, don’t pack the baby in fitted clothes. Make them wear loose clothes so that they can sleep comfortably. Sanitize your surrounding and get off all the mosquito’s that are waiting for the lights to get switched off and ready to attack the little one.


It is very important that you don’t get trapped in the stereotype that new born babies are bad sleepers. This is not true! We are pretty sure that a lot of mothers must have told you that “I sit and wonder for hours together about how to get my baby sleep and no matter how hard I try, I can never understand or come up with a solution”. Remember, that if your baby is not being able to sleep at night, there is a reason behind it. It can simply be a half filled stomach, rashes on the delicate skin or even uncomfortable clothes.

If you follow these seven tips, we are pretty sure that your new born baby will have an amazing sleep pattern and you will be stress free. We understand that you have a lot of doubts and things going on in your mind during this time. Forget these little problems and enjoy these moments to the fullest. These are special memories and moments that you will harness for a lifetime. Why do you want to spend this auspicious time getting panicky? Don’t worry; we are here to solve all your problems! From how to feed your babies properly to how to get your baby to sleep, we have solutions to all your problems and are here to answer even the smallest of your queries. We are masters in the field of new born babies!

Keep checking out this space for lots of tips, tricks, information and facts about new born babies and what their world is all about. Keep this article handy and go through it again and again until your mind is satisfied. At the end, you will realize that your worry was a waste! Hope this was helpful!