When Do Babies Say Their First Words? Before babies start to talk in a real language, they coo or babble and play with sound. Each and every new sound makes them feel more interested and conscious about what the other person is trying to tell him. The baby’s talk sounds similar in every part of the world irrespective of their mother’s language. After 9 months, babies are able to understand some common basic words. Usually at 12 months, they talk for the first time. They can first pronounce the world like ‘mamma’ and ‘dadda’. They will not understand the meanings probably at the stage of 8 months. But when their sound transforms into words, it feels like bliss to every parent. Few perfectly normal babies do not utter a word until they are 18 months old, but many of the babies start making sounds which we feel like actual words which they want to express at only 7 months.

Do not get surprised if your baby first pronounces the name of his/her dad or the pet dog, because it varies from baby to baby. But if your baby misses any step of speech development, consult a pediatrician as every parent gets tensed about when do babies say their first words. Hence, learning to talk is a slow process and the time period does not remain the same for every child. When they are at 16 months, baby girl start talking around 50 words while boy child utters around 30 words. At this stage, they experience language development. The baby boy will be always two months behind than baby girl regarding language development. By the child’s second birthday, he will be able to speak 200 words and two or three-word sentences. From his 3rd birthday, he will surely start speaking complicated sentences. Always guide them whenever they do mistakes while saying a correct sentence. Here are some tips for you to guide regarding when do babies say their first words:

Know more about when do babies say their first words

  • Tips to guide baby while talking: Babies start acquiring words with receptive language. Some experts say that the sense of understanding language of a baby starts when he is in the womb. Here are some suggestive ways for you to help your baby in talking and remove your doubts about when do babies say their first words:
  1. Communicate Early: Listen and watch each and every activity of your child while they undergo the language development process. Your baby may also reach his both arms up to tell that he wants to be picked up by you or they may indicate to the toy he wants to have. Acknowledge this and respond to his early communications which will help them to improve their communication capabilities. Try to understand whatever he is trying to say by his communicative activities. This will motivate them to speak early.
  2. Narrate: The way to teach them early speaking, chatter away all the day in front of him so that they can learn by listening. Try to communicate with him in the simplest language you can say. This will help them to understand their language. Narrate everything you are doing or telling him to do. This will also enable the baby to understand the link between work and expressions. Even if you are doing something for him/her, narrate it to them.
  3. Sing Songs and Rhyme Rhymes: Nursery rhymes, lullabies or action songs are great to play for your child. They will get more familiar with your voice and will love you to repeat any actions he loves. If they love the tone of your singing, they will themselves join you in the singing.
  4. Use Names Avoiding Pronouns: Try to use the person’s name you are talking about while communicating to your children. You may sometimes use your baby’s name to point out something of him. If you pronounce other people names to him, he will be known to the names and will react in a decent way whenever he/she will see them.
  5. Elaborate: If your child tries to communicate with you with one or two-word sentences, respond back with him with full sentences. If he is unable to pronounce the word correctly, teach him the proper word while replying. This is how you will create an opportunity for yourself to teach your kid a proper way of learning.
  6. Repetition: Repetition seems to be your best friend. While working, repeat every activity you do as many times as you can. Sing the same songs in front of them, point out the same thing repeatedly to them. It seems to be boring one to you, but your child may love it incredibly. It will help them to understand how a word is linked with a sound.
  7. Listen: Whenever he/she tries to communicate with you, listen to his every word very carefully. Do not interrupt while he is talking. Respond back only when he stops. This will enhance his confidence and teach him how to be a good listener.

                                    You must know about some important points which you must avoid while your child is being taught to speak and you will be trouble free of the worrying face thinking “when do babies say their first words”:

  1. Avoid background sounds because children’s get easily distracted by it.
  2. Switch off radio and TV when they are talking and do not allow your kid to watch TV if they are under 2 years.
  3. Whenever he/she is making some mistakes, correct it immediately. Otherwise, it will become their habit.

Most of the mothers get worried about when do babies say their first words and in any kind of delay, they become tensed. There is no need to get worried because the time when do babies say their first words varies from child to child. Still, if you suffer any kind of speech delay issues, consult a pediatrician. Nothing feels better than the magic words spelled by your tiny toddlers. Follow the above tips and enjoy the first spoken word by your child.