According to the University of Illinois, snacking is one of the important food habits of children. Every parent wants their children to be healthy and the meals to be nutritious. Children also love to have snacks as long as they are tasty and creative. Fun healthy snacks for kids will definitely help your children to hold an interest in regular snacking items.  Parents are always challenged to make tasty snacks which will be healthy too. While making the snacks, the parents must be careful about the nutrition and the ingredients required for their children’s growth and development. As kids get bored frequently with their daily food routines, unique and delicious fun healthy snacks for kids can make them feel hungry again at the snacking period.

Getting healthy home-made easy snacks recipes will be the exciting one for the parents who are really worried about the daily nutritious recipes for their smallest member of the family. It will also be one of the free things to do with kids and involve them. Keeping the good habit of food on a daily basis will prevent their future teenage obesity problem and makes their immune system stronger. They will always enjoy these kinds of extraordinary snacks items and you will be able to make them intake many required food and fruit ingredients without letting them know. Fun healthy snacks for kids will be really helpful for the caring parents. Here are some of the vegetarian recipes for kids easy and quick for you to help you for the daily urge of new yummy and tasty snacking ideas:

Creative and Fun Healthy Snacks For Kids

  1. Fresh Fruit Medley:

Summer in India brings full of delicious fruit options to give many ideas about making fun healthy snacks for kids. However, purchasing fresh fruits every day and preparing it seem to be a tough task. Gather varieties of summer fruits like watermelons, plums, honeydew melons etc. Make slices of them and toss them with two of lemon juice. Separate the fruits into airtight containers and store them in the freezer. The day just before you want to give it as snacks, shift the containers to the fridge. You will be able to serve your child the fruits next day as fresh as today.

  1. Funky and fresh sandwiches:

Fun healthy snacks for kids must be creative like a sandwich which is shaped like a dinosaur, a star or a pair of eyes looks funky enough. Ingredients are wholegrain bread slices, lean piece of meat, cookie butter and obviously a sharp knife. First, make the sandwiches and press the butter or use a knife to get a perfect shape. Sandwich bags can also be used to keep them fresh. It is an easy and quick idea which covers all the bases. It will be better if you can provide good health drinks with it to your children.

  1. Vegetable and Cheese Steaks :

Fruit steaks are almost very common snacks for summer. It is also a very good suggestive option for fun healthy snacks for kids. Though it is a known concept, vegetable and cheese steaks will make your child intake the recommended vegetables in an interesting way. First, dice crisp vegetables. Carrots and celery can be used. Then convert the cheese into cubes. Line the vegetables and cheese alternatively in the standard steak stick. Serve these delicious steaks to your kids and just see them showcase their million dollar smile!

  1. Sweet Potato Chips:

Though all children like chips, this is the main example of calories and offers no nutrients. The sodium content is also very high in these kinds of chips. The main ingredient for these fun healthy snacks for kids is kale. It is a form of cabbage, rich in nutrients and suggested by dieticians. Simply place enough leaves on a baking sheet, covered with olive oil. Bake the ingredients in the oven at 250 degrees for 10 minutes. Eyes must be kept on them because in a fraction of a second they turn black. It also works with the sweet potatoes to add different flavors. You can also add carrots with it and bake them in the same way.

  1. Smoothie Pops:

Popsicles are exciting fun healthy snacks for kids. But the processed pops which are available at the store are filled with sticky sugar and high corn syrup enriched with fructose. But there is a process also to make ice pops in your house which will be much more delicious, creamy and healthier than the normal popsicles. Mix watermelon, pineapple, and mango together and freeze it. Toss the whole thing into your blender and add yogurt and milk. Blend until it gets a thick and smooth consistency. Now pour the mixture into the molds of popsicles and stick a popsicle stick into each one and freeze them again.

  1. Mushroom Cutlet:

It is purely an Indian fun healthy snack for kids. As we know, mushrooms are good for health and development, parents can easily make this snacks for their children. Pulse cornflakes coarsely and set aside. Make a mixture of mushrooms, onions, potatoes, mint, chili, masala powder, salt, and turmeric and ginger garlic paste. Heat the oil in the pan and add chickpeas mix to the mushroom mixture. Make thin patties from them and roll them in cereals. On low flame fry the both sides very well and serve it hot to your children. Oats can also be added for more nutrition.

  1. Stovetop Granola:

One of the common fun healthy snacks for kids items. Let the roast oats be dried in a wide pan to get an aroma. Fry nuts, raisins and seeds separately in 1 table spoon of oil. Heat jaggery in a pan to melt it. Then roast oats mix till they get brown. Add the other ingredients and mix it well while roasting to get caramelized smell of jaggery. Add cornflakes and mix when the granola gets golden brown. Toss the mixture and roast it a while. Cool it and shift it to an airtight jar after cooking. Stir the almonds and dried cranberries. Any kind of additional fruits or nuts can be added to get a nice flavor of the stovetop granola.

Make sure you keep on thinking of new and creative ideas to serve your kids some fun healthy snacks on their platter! This will not only keep them full but also give them the dose of nutrients that they deserve at this developing stage. Make them a part of this especially into summer activities for kids.