Money, something in today’s time that can rule lives better than anything else. The drive and hunger to earn is immense not only as adults, but also as a teenager. How to make money as a teenager is a question that often pops up in the minds of so many of them. Believe it or not, there are more ways to earn money as a teen than you could think of.  Let us pour it out for all of you and help your teen earn some hard earned pocket money.

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So, How to Make Money as a Teenager?

There’s not one but a plethora of ways of making money as a teenager, let’s peer into them:

  • Babysitting: Babysitting is the very basic way of earning a good amount of pocket money. Parents love to go out on dinners or for a movie and carrying their baby everywhere is a really hard task. Not that they would mind doing so, but they’d rather have someone babysit their little one. Babysitting 4-5 times a month can earn a teenager enough money to enjoy themselves as a teenager should.
  • Walking dogs: As much as a dog owner loves their dog, they might not get time to walk their dogs and as we know, keeping a dog healthy is very important. They seek people who can walk their dog in their place and this is another opportunity for the eager teen to earn some cash!
  • Washing cars: As easy as it sounds, washing cars for the neighbors or the people living in the locality is also an easy means of making money. The effort is minimal and the reward is good enough.
  • Household chores: As funny as it may sound, try and negotiate a fee or pocket money with your parents, telling them the duties you’d do without hesitation and question against a certain amount of money. This can include watering the plants, laundry, cleaning the shelves etc.
  • Yard sales: The latest trend that has set in is having yard sales. It may sound like a very small idea and you may think you’ve nothing to sell but believe me, you might end up looking for a whole treasure of unwanted stuff in your closets and cupboards, which others might want for themselves. Take the stuff, put it on a table, and wait for people to approach you and BAM! You have your money!
  • Selling stuff online: Much like the yard sale concept, you can also look you to selling stuff online. As we know, in today’s time, e-commerce is blooming. Seeking up to sell the stuff you do not want on second hand online markets can help you earn the money you want.
  • Sell your creativity: Teenagers today are as talented and creative as they come. Come up with something that you can invest your creativity in and thereafter try selling the product or service you come up with. It may sound like asking for too much but if you have it on yourself, it shouldn’t feel like a herculean task. Some good examples of such products can be dream-catchers, candles, sketches etc.
  • Selling stock photos: A decent camera can make an amateur also look like a pro, so in case you have a good camera, look out for some good compositions, click them, and sell them as stock photographs. Individually, they do not make you a lot of money but as they accumulate, you’ll soon realize that you’re actually making good money, plus it’s fun to do as well.
  • Be a part of online surveys: What’s easier than filling an online survey and getting money in return? Big companies and businesses pay a lot of heed to market surveys and it is key for them to survey people as they strategize accordingly. You been the opportunist and take this survey,. Even though the amount is meager, it comes off of no effort.
  • Lemonade stalls: As cliche as it may sound, setting up lemonade stalls around the corner of the streets or on the footpaths for daily travelers who’d want to quench their thirst, is another traditional way of making some quick money as a teenager.
  • Indulging in sports events: You often come across multiple sports events that award a cash prize for the winners. These events can be marathons, athletic events or other sports tournaments. If you’re the sportsman/sportswoman kind, there’s no better way than this. Earn money doing what you love doing most!
  • Online writing: Exactly what I’m doing right now. If you believe in your ability to write and are sure about a strong vocab, you can seek to write articles, blogs, poems or even forum threads. Some of them pay really handsomely. Not only do you get money for writing but also as you write more and more, you’re able to hold a better command over language that can prove to be really beneficial in the long run.

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How To Make Money As A Teenager Online

Listed are few websites that can help you make money online

1. Swagbucks – One of the most popular websites for teenagers to earn money online.

Minimum Age limit – 13
Availability – International

Swagbucks gives you the opportunity to earn money in many different ways and you can have fun simultaneously. Does it get better?
List of work that you will be paid for:
– Taking Surveys
– Online Searches
– Watching Videos
– Finding Swagbucks
– Playing Games
and there are many more things that can help you earn money online.

Website :

2) Paid Surveys – Global Test Market

Minimum Age limit – 14+ Years
Availability – International

This is one of the well known websites among teenages as they get to earn money by simply providing their opinions about various products & services. Each completed survey brings in cash ranging from 1.50$ to 5.00$, per survey.


3) CashCrate – Earn Extra Cash

Minimum Age limit – 14+ Years
Availability – International

Cashcrate is an online community wherein you can enjoy sharing your opinions, playing games, performing tasks, watching videos and many more things. Each of the activities that you perform get paid so you may say that this is kind of a fun website that alllows you to earn money. You will definitely enjoy and earn.
Website :

4) Survey Savvy – Making Money is Easy

Minimum Age limit – 14+ Years
Availability – International

Just complete your fun surveys and earn money. You just need to provide your opinion about the products and services.
There are plenty of surveys in that you can participate in each day.
You get paid by cheque and there is no minimum payout. The moment your account reaches 1 dollar, you become eligible for a cheque and just after you’ve completed your first online survey, you become eligible for cheque then as well.

Website :

5) iPoll – Paid Online Surveys and Polls

Minimum Age limit – 13 Years
Availability – International

You can earn money, Amazon gift cards and entries into sweepstakes by just taking part in daily polls, surveys and completing missions which really are fun to be a part of.
Mission will take place in the real world, I am just taking an example to educate you about how it works. Just report what you saw in the Super Bowl and you can earn money.
iPoll is an exciting and fun to do addition to their survey panel portfolio. You will get $5.00 bonus at sign-up.
Website :

6) Sell Local Things Online

As a teenager you might know the worth of junk that is in your basement, it may be old video games, gaming consoles or even books. Just collect this junk and try selling it online on websites like eBay, and you might often get unexpected return after selling these.

If you don’t have anything as “junk” in your basement, just ask for 50$ to 100$ from your parents as a loan and you can start buying antiques from and just make sure the vintage goods you buy look worth more than what you have paid for it you can sell them on eBay for profit.

7) Easy Income for Teens Who Can Write Articles

This is a sure-shot and good way of earning. I myself am a teen and I often write articles for many websites and earn my pocket money easily. It’s just that you need to have excellent writing skills and the Internet has a lot to offer you for them.

Just write what interests you and you can sell it on by putting your articles for sale, Constant Content is another such website where you can sell your content. If you think you are good at writing reviews you can try Sponsored Reviews for earning money by writing reviews.
studioD is another website that will help you earn money.

8) Teenage Programmers – Earn Quick and quick Money from programming.

If you are a programmer with good knowledge and programming skills in any programming language, you can earn handsome cash by doing freelance programming. Just make sure you don’t land in some flat out scam website, therefore you will need to do your part of research before trying out any website, much like I did.

Here you will see individuals and organizations posting jobs and if you feel you can do any, bid for them.
Some of the reputable websites that i researched are :

Therefore, the best of pointers on how to make money as a teenager are presented right in front of you. I’m pretty sure that you’ll be ok with trying at least one of the oh-so-many options, if not more. Being lazy is a natural tendency for a teenager but believe me kid, money does not, and I repeat, does not come easy (unless through an online survey, haha!).