If your little boy is beginning to understand stories and react to situations, it might be the right time to introduce him to movies for kids. It is important to let him watch not just any movie, but one suitable to his understanding, interest, and proper learning. It is also important to watch out for elements such as violence, racism, and other issues that he might be able to pick up. Remember that just because it is an animated cartoon, it doesn’t mean it is suitable for very young children. Thus, here are the top 10 suggested movies for little boys that are educational and relatively safe to watch and get to see Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home.

  1. Up – It is a film that promotes loyalty, inspires integrity, and encourages you to reach for your dreams. This is a story about an elderly widower named Carl, a balloon salesman, who sets out to fulfill his dreams of traveling to South Africa. He does this by tying thousands of balloons to his house as it floats away towards his ultimate life fulfillment.
  2. Toy Story – A film about friendship, loyalty, sharing, and learning to let go. This is an action-packed story about a group of toys and their many adventures as they witness the growing up of their owner.
  3. The Lorax – This is an environmental story that inspires integrity, teaching children about the importance of trees and why it is important for us to take care of our environment.
  4. Cars – A motivational story about perseverance and sportsmanship, Cars is an “all-car cast” film that little boys will surely enjoy.
  5. Monsters, Inc. – A film about love and friendship, Monsters, Inc., tells the story of the love and friendship between a little human girl and a friendly monster.
  6. Winnie the Pooh (2011) – A true classic, the Winnie the Pooh movie inspires compassion and friendship. In this film, Winnie the Pooh ran out of his favorite food which is honey and sets off to find more. The story also tells how the animals of the Hundred Acre Woods help their human Christopher Robin tackle an imaginary culprit.
  7. Bee Movie – Another kid-friendly movie with an environmental significance, Bee Movie is the story of Barry (voiced by stand-up comic Jerry Seinfeld), a bee who wanted more out of life. He sets out beyond the perimeter of the hive and finds himself in unfamiliar places and discovers things beyond his wildest imagination.
  8. A Bug’s Life – This funny story is about an ant who recruits a group of bugs whom he thought would become the saviors of their colony against some greedy grasshoppers. This story promotes good communication, respect for all animals big or small, and compassion for the environment.
  9. Charlotte’s Web – Another film that promotes communication, this wonderful story is about a very special pig and his unique friendship with a spider. Upon knowing that Wilbur the pig will be served as a feast for the holidays, Charlotte the spider devised a plan to help save her friend.
  10. Inside Out – A wonderful story about a girl named Riley and the five characters inside her that control her emotions. When Riley’s family has to move to San Francisco, she experiences destructive emotions that the five characters in her head try desperately to control to prevent her from becoming a rebellious child. This is a great story for kids to learn about proper communication and control of their emotions.