Are you prepared to have a baby? Are you planning to have a baby? Are you waiting for the right time to conceive? These all are a very common question that a couple faces when they plan to welcome new family member. Most of the women consider lots of things as well as consequences when she decides to have a baby. Your doctor can help you in a better way that whether it is a good time to have a baby or your body is ready to conceive or not. Being a woman the decision of having a baby does not depend on your emotion as well as an economic condition; it is all about your health. Always consult with your physician prior to taking the decision of having a baby. Only your doctor can suggest you whether your health and medical history allow you to have a baby or not and if all are in a good state then what is the perfect time to have a baby.

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When is the Right Time to Have a Baby?

There is a question that triggers women, mostly to working women when to have a baby. In accordance with research, it is advised that woman should take attempt for a baby before she crosses her age 30. It is the right time to conceive a baby. Though, statistic says that most of the women conceive their babies in their age of 40. Nowadays, women plan babies late in their lives because of their careers and other responsibilities in lives. One of the underlying causes of late pregnancy in women is their partners who do not want to go for the committed relationship. Yes, women are independent today, and the majority of women are working. But to have a baby you need constant mental and emotional support of your male partner, which is now the rare case at present era. Because a child needs equal love and care from both of his father and mothers. Today’s mother can able to give mental, economical, social and every kind of support that a child needs to grow up. Though, it is not possible for a mother to give the love and care that child expects from his father.

What Is The Exact Time To Get Pregnant? 

Another important thing is timing, timing to get pregnant. According to medical science, a woman ovulates fourteen days before her coming period. The most effective time is to try for a baby when a woman is during her fertile period. The period lasts for six days in each month, and this is the best time when woman’s body releases an egg. Generally, egg survives up to 12 to 24 hours once it releases. Though, sperm uses to survive for a week. Thus, six days is the proper time to try for a baby for a couple during the fertile window, and it is exact time that sperm can successfully meet with an egg. Couples who are longing for babies and do not know when to have a baby, they can try at this period. There are 95 percent fair chances to conceive if couple tries for the baby before one or two days of ovulation. But, it is not possible to tell or indicate the exact day when a woman can conceive her baby. It certainly and completely depends on a biological system of your body and what is the condition of your health when you are thinking to conceive a baby. So if you are really planning for a baby and trying to conceive then, it is better to boost up your sex life and expand more and more intimate time with your partner. It is always better to spend quality time with your partner instead of dominated by date of the calendar. Because all women do not have the same menstrual cycle, and it is impossible to follow the same rule when you are going to plan for a baby.

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How to Know the Perfect Time of Ovulation?

If you and your partner are one of them who do not exactly know when to have a baby or what is the exact time to conceive then you can follow some easy tips to conceive your first baby and you need not to depend on such apps, date calculators, vulgar films and all to have a baby. Menstrual cycle differs, and there is no hard and fast rule that you need to follow to get pregnant. Just you need to maintain your intimate relationship every two or three days during your menstrual cycle. You never know that in which day you are going to ovulate and having an intimate relationship on every 2 or 3 days helps to improve the health of sperm and it helps couples to conceive in a natural way. It is always better to conceive without taking help of medication or any artificial effort. It is not only good for health but also offers a good impact on the health of your newborn baby. Whether you are aware or unaware of the period when you ovulate you need to observe the functions of your body minutely. There are certain signs your body provides each month that you are about to ovulate around 21 days before you be expecting your next period. Try to observe the signs closely,

  • You can find that in a certain time your vagina starts to discharge that wetter which looks like springy egg white. This spring or flexible egg white is called fertile mucu
  • You can feel slender discomfort on one side of your belly, or you can feel sudden cramp on your lower portion of your belly.
  • Your sex urge or desire for sex will be increased comparing other days during the menstrual

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It is always smart to plan for a baby when you are early 30 by age. Hence, you will have the enough energy to grow up your child with proper care. One of the most important things is that you need to consider whether you are in a steady relationship or not. Though having a baby is the best experience in life for each woman, and baby is the most precious gift from God that only women are blessed to conceive. Hope this article will help couples who are planning to have their first baby, but do not know Pregnancy Test Accuracy or what is the exact time to conceive a baby.