Is your baby crying for a long time? Are you unable to figure out the exact reason? Is she or he is crying when she or he does not even need to be fed or a diaper change? Do not waste your time and consult to your pediatrician. Near about, fifteen to twenty-five percent of newborn babies cry a lot for the whole day. When your baby cries for more than three hours continuously in a day; this condition is known as Colic. When your baby cries for three hours or more than that terribly and despondently without any reasons three days in a week or more and consequently for three weeks; it is known as baby colic.

ABC of Colic or Infantile Colic

Most of the parents do not know what is colic in babies? They worry a lot when their babies cry in spite of taking care properly. When you have your first child, definitely it is a great challenge for you to taking care of your baby. If your baby always cries inconsolably, then it raises tension in your mind certainly, and you run to your doctor. Colic is a little mystery and colic are also renowned as infantile colic. Colic is a certain episode of crying and babies cry continuously and intensely for three hours or more than it in a day consecutively for three days or more in a week for three weeks. Colic is seen in babies who are between 2 weeks to 28 weeks (4 months in age) in age. It does not mean that your baby is unhealthy. It is seen that less than five percent of babies have underlying disease who cry excessively. Generally, colic is found in five to twenty-five percent of babies, and it disappears with the age. Colic lasts up to three to four months, but not more than one year. The colic or crying problem does not create any critical issues in babies, and you do not need to worry if your baby is going through from colic.

What Are The Causes Of Colic?

Generally, there is no certain cause of colic. The exact cause of infantile colic or what is colic in babies is unknown. The reason why there is no clear way to handle this condition. Though, certain theories can cause colic in your baby,

  • Gas
  • Problem in digestive system
  • Hormonal changes that create pain in stomach and make your baby’s mood fussy
  • Stimulation or sensitivity with light, noise and all
  • Over anxiety of parents makes baby cry
  • Excessive visit to doctor can annoy a baby
  • Failure of breastfeeding
  • Stress in relationship
  • Depression related to postpartum
  • Mood swings in babies
  • Abusive behavior to child
  • Set of symptoms of shaken baby
  • Problem in nervous system
  • Allergies in your baby
  • Changes in food pattern
  • Undeveloped digestive system

It is really not possible to identify the actual reason of colic in your baby, and it is still not clear that why some of the babies suffer from colic and other do not. Only there are few possibilities that researchers explored to take care of colic and how to cure a baby who is suffering from the definite colic stage.

Warning Signs Of Colic In Babies

When a majority of parents do not know what is colic in babies actually, it is really tough to recognize the symptoms of colic in babies. Parents should keep in their minds that there are so many things which can seem like colic that are not colic in actual. If you are unable to find out the problem in your baby, then you need to consult with your doctor and doctor can perform a full body check up on the baby to find out the actual cause which makes your baby cry and fussy. Though, there are some definite symptoms that help to identify if your baby is going through colic or not. The symptoms are,

  • Infection in skin
  • Digestive problem or stomach pain
  • Inflammation of brain or pressure in nervous system
  • Is your baby scratching her eyes? Sudden trouble in eyes.
  • You baby cries for a long time, like for continuous three hours.
  • Your baby cries for no reason, even when she or he is completely fed, and she or his diaper is changed.
  • Your baby is crying for long hours with intense sound, and his or her face get reddish, and he or she is out of control, and you feel it extremely difficult to comfort his or her.
  • Irregularity in heartbeat
  • Pain or injury to fingers or bones, cramps in muscles, or something like this that you are unable to identify.
  • Your baby curled his or her legs, clenched fists, and blends arms toward belly and cries strangely miserable.
  • He or she has bloated tummy
  • He or she tightens stomach muscles and passes gas while shedding tears.

Though, there is no such medication or treatment that can treat colic in your baby. If your baby cries a lot, then it is advised to take him or her to doctor without applying any quick technique to calm. Generally, colic improves with time and most of the cases it abolishes from the 4th month of age of babies.

When you do not know actually what is colic in babies and how to identify colic, it is always safe to consult with your doctor. On the basis of medical history and needs of your baby, your doctor surely helps you. You can try some applied methods such as roll your child, make her smile, hold your baby on his or her side or stomach, breastfeed your baby and create a sound like shushing or How to Make a Baby Stop Crying. You can try these things one after one, and if these do not work then, you need to visit your doctor. Do not waste your time to call a doctor if you are out of wits to calm your baby from Colic episode. Your doctor definitely helps you to manage colic and stress your baby out. It is true that colic can be improved with time, and you need to have patience.