Are you really wondering can babies eat eggs or not? Then get the answer to your question. Eggs can be given to your baby from six month onwards. Among all other foods eggs are very healthy and help for the proper growth for the babies. Generally some people have a wrong concept that eggs deposits cholesterol or adds up weight. Eggs highly considered as the incredible health foods for babies. It highly contains lots of minerals and vitamins which highly include Vitamin B. Eggs are one of the best and growing food items among the babies. Eggs are great and beneficial for our eyes and helps greatly for providing the essential nutrients that prevents the baby from certain disorders of eyes. Eggs contain amino acids. According to the researchers it has been highly proved that eggs helps in reducing blood clotting.

Is It Safe For Your Baby?

When you give eggs to your baby for the first time, try to give it a mouthful on the safer side. You can give it with the other foods that do not cause allergies such as- cow’s milk, peanut butter, Best Organic Baby Food, and fish. This way you will able to understand whether the eggs causes any reaction or not. If your body has got egg allergy then certain physical reaction will appear after eating it, he/she may have- sore throat, rashes, swelling, watery eyes, runny nose. If your baby does not suffer from any of this irritation then your baby can be easily given eggs as it has got amazing benefits.

Different Ways You Can Serve Eggs to Your Six Month Old

Avoid giving your baby raw eggs, instead try to give your baby lightly cooked eggs. As under cooked eggs highly contain salmonella bacteria that cause food poisoning.

How Eggs Are Good For Your Baby?

As discussed above if your baby does not suffer from any type of allergies then you can serve eggs to them. Here are some of the reasons for which you can serve eggs to your baby-

Folic Acid for Babies

The vitamins that are water soluble are very essential for the growth and health of the babies. Eggs are essential for loading up the right doses of folic acids. The deficiency of folic acid leads to the damages of nerve and weaknesses.

Complete Protein

Per eggs contains protein of 6 Gms and eggs age the complete and excellent protein food. Eggs are required among the babies as it contains protein and are beneficial among the babies for the regeneration and generation of cells. Eggs are helpful for growing the bodies of the babies stronger and bigger. Your babies should eat 1 egg per day then he/she do not need any other Vitamins.

Choline for Babies

Choline helps for building the membranes of the cells.  Choline is very important for the development of the babies among babies. It is responsible for the brain molecules that signal the nerves as one egg highly consist Choline of 100 mcg.

Vitamin D for Strong Bone

Eggs act as an excellent source for vitamin D, as it is very essential for the health of the bone among the growing babies. Eggs are the only source for Vitamin d food based.

 Omega 3 for Brain Development

Omega 3 is the healthy fats generally found among the fish. It helps for the early development of brains and for good memory among the babies. Frequent eating of eggs helps to prevent from the heart related diseases and arthritis while the babies mature to adults.

Zeaxanthin and Lutein for Healthy Eyes

Eggs are the excellent source for Zeaxanthin and Lutein which are highly essential for keeping the eyes healthy. Eggs helps for assuring the retina health and it also keeps the vision good and prevents the effects of macular degeneration. So, you have definitely got an answer to the question that can babies eat eggs or not.

Eggs Are Complete Balance for Fats

Eggs consist of right balance of unsaturated and saturated fats making it an excellent and brilliant source for growing babies. Try to avoid fried eggs and prefer eating boiled or poached eggs. The obesity among the baby fights on a global scale and therefore feeding eggs to the baby are highly beneficial without any tension about obesity.

Eggs for Healthy Nails and Healthy Hairs

Eggs contain vital amino acids of 9 types which help for the growing hairs and nails among babies. Generally babies break the nails or chew the nails assure faster re growth. Eggs can also be used as a conditioner for the growth of the hair among babies.

Vitamin B12 for Neural Health

Eggs are the excellent and brilliant source of Vitamin B12. It is always best to get the vitamins in the form of pill. B 12 Vitamin is always essential for the babies for neural health. The Vitamin is known as cobalamin, which is very important for the development of the nervous system and development of the child’s brain.

Eggs Contains Minimal Cholesterol

Eggs contain minimal harmful and effective cholesterol. Frequent consumption of eggs leads to good cholesterol. It is very essential while keeping in mind the obesity epidemic among the global babies. Eggs can be easily prepared with minimal amount of oil or you can also take boiled eggs, for assuring that your babies receives nutrition in adequate amount without any harmful effects.

Eggs Have Got Negative Impact on Cholesterol

According to the researches it has been believed that eggs have negative impact on cholesterol. But now the researches has been proved that moderate eating of eggs has no kind of impact rather.

Cancer Preventive

According to the researchers eggs are highly beneficial for reducing breast cancer and consumption of 6 eggs a week helps to prevent the risk of cancer to half almost.

Eggs are the good source of nutrition for babies

Eggs are the excellent source of nutrition and it is convenient, easy to chew as well as digest and is inexpensive too. The yellow portion of the egg contains high rate of minerals which are very essential for the growth of your babies.

Eggs help in losing weight

Almost all mothers wonders can babies eat egg or not. The babies can eat eggs surely as it has got many benefits. Usually the white portion of the eggs provides the protein for sustaining and helps for reducing weight as well.